Bravura is a staffing and recruitment company. We match people in the beginning of their careers with available jobs and help businesses find the best new talent. When you let us take care of recruitment, the right person ends up in the right place.

For jobseekers

Bravura helps you find your dream job

We offer a wide range of job opportunities, especially for candidates at the beginning of their career, with 0-8 years of experience. Through us, you can work as a consultant or an employee. Find your dream job - we help you achieve your goals!

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With us, applying for a job is easy. By registering as a jobseeker with us, you can stay up-to-date with new job opportunities and easily apply for your dream job.

For businesses

Recruitment and staffing of Next Gen Professionals

We help businesses find people with the right skills through recruitment and staffing services. We're experts in finding early career talent that meet businesses' needs. We promise the highest level of commitment and effective recruitment in order to make your life easier. Bravura helps both small and large businesses hire staff or recruit talent in:

  • IT & Tech
  • Business Administration
  • Sales & Customer Support

When we do our best work, people get the jobs they dream of and businesses are enriched by their employees' skills. It helps us keep striving to be the best in the world at what we do.

About Bravura

We want to make a difference for people and businesses

We exist to strengthen businesses through the right people and people through the right jobs. We strive to be the best in the world at what we do. The biggest difference between us and similar companies is our employees' commitment to always delivering the best results. That commitment, combined with a genuine interest and deep understanding of our clients' needs, makes our offer unique.

More about us

Bravura is a staffing company that helps businesses in various industries grow by offering staffing and recruitment services. Contact us when you need help finding the right people for your company.

Hiring a staffing company is often much cheaper than doing recruitment yourself. If it's a temporary position, employment may not even be an option. Many businesses' need for people goes up and down, so it's crucial to be able to find smart solutions. With a recruitment company with locations in Finland and the Nordics, you can get help finding staff whenever a vacancy comes up, or when there's just too much going on. We at Bravura can also support your company through phases of rapid growth and ensure you always have people with the right skills in place.

Leave recruitment to us and have more time to tend to your core business

Recruitment is resource-intensive, and you might not have staff with the necessary skills to recruit successfully. Also, when it's not done right, recruitment can be an expensive business. We're experts in data-driven candidate sourcing, and have a pool of experts across multiple industries. We focus on competence-based recruitment and only match you with candidates with the right experience, personal qualities and skills. That way, you always get a consultant that meets your needs.