2. About us

About us

Jobs are something fundamental for people and businesses are completely dependent on having people with the right skills in order to grow and develop. We want to be the partner that best helps you match candidates to your business's needs. When we do our best work, people get the jobs they dream of and businesses are enriched by their employees' skills. That's how we strengthen businesses through people and people through jobs. And we strive to be the best in the world at what we do.

Our offer

We help companies grow through staffing and recruitment of Next Gen Professionals and we find great jobs for people at the beginning of their careers.

Active lifestyle and health for increased competitiveness

We're convinced that good levels of physical health among employees creates positive effects on both individuals and businesses. We offer employee gym classes during working hours and want to inspire our clients to work towards workplace health for everyone.

Growth from the start

Bravura was founded in 2008 by two students who dreamed of strengthening people and businesses by putting people in the right jobs. It's an ambition that's resulted in us being a well-established recruitment and staffing company today, and aiming to be the best in the world in the future. We plan on continuing to grow and have promised ourselves to never back down but rather constantly to be guided by our entrepreneurial spirit.

Bravura Group

Our group today includes Bravura in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Through this range of companies, we provide businesses in the Nordics with services and solutions within recruitment, staffing and consultants.

We want to make a difference at work, in society and in the world

We want to take seriously the society we operate in and the impact we have, as well as be able to stand by the legacy we leave behind. This means holding ourselves accountable for conducting our business in a way that maximizes its positive impact and minimizes its negative impact on the outside world. Our work in sustainability is based on three focus areas, which are those in which we believe we can have the most impact.


We take the role we play in society very seriously and hold ourselves accountable for the kind of supplier and employer we are.  Every year, we work towards fulfilling several sustainability goals and the UN Global Compact's 10 principles for responsible business. 


Part of our responsibility as a company is to use our financial resources with a long-term vision. Our mission also includes making demands on the world around us. We do this by carefully selecting the suppliers we work with based on our strict code of conduct.


Our promise includes taking responsibility for our footprint, where small adjustments can translate into a big difference for the climate. To do this, we assess all our purchases from a sustainability perspective and prioritize climate-friendly travel options when on the move.

Bias-free recruitment

We want to reflect the society in which we operate and work actively for open-minded, diversity-positive recruitment processes. We work with a competence-based selection methodology, meaning we use structured selection processes in which all candidates are assessed based on the same characteristics and requirements. Everyone who works at Bravura learns how to handle objections related to cases of perceived discrimination. Our primary focus is ensuring we work to counteract discrimination.

People-Minded Business

Our employees are one of our most important resources, so our goal is that everyone at Bravura experiences a good working environment with good employment conditions and good leadership inan open-minded working environment in which all co-workers are respected. To make sure we do this, we comply with the law and collective agreements, promote an active work environment and carry out regular employee surveys and monthly one-on-one interviews.

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We're experts in recruiting and staffing Next Gen Professionals - talented individuals at the start of their careers. With our help, you can grow your workforce. We help you cover everything from key positions to short-term assignments, and have a strong track record in the areas of IT/Tech, Business Administration and Sales & Customer Support. Want to know more?